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Youth Program


Youth Directors Report

September 11, 2013

On August 22, 2013 I attended a meeting at the District 3 Wildlife office in Akron. The purpose of the meeting was to inform conservation clubs (like us) that there will be beneficial changes made in how grants will be applied for, amount of money available to each club and stipulations on what the money is spent for. The basic criterion for status as a conservation club is as follows; clubs must meet two from the following list

  1. Clubs must have been in existence for no less than 2 years prior to applying for a sponsorship agreement.
  2. Clubs must have an active membership of at least 25 (documented) and conduct no less than four meetings annually.
  3. Conservation Club owns or leases land located in Ohio. The lands must be used primarily for fishing, hunting, shooting sports education or wildlife related recreation

In the past distribution of money was based on the sale of hunting and fishing licenses in each county and more populated counties always got the lion’s share of cash. Now each qualifying club may get up to $15,000.00 to be used for up to ten projects per calendar year.


Tony Farmer is considering taking over as youth director for the 2014 season and Dana Dean has agreed to assist him with our young anglers.

We are in need of a youth page on the NCBBAA website to highlight the fishing and academic accomplishments of the youth club we sponsor. In case you don’t know the name of our youth club is “The Prime Time Junior Bass Anglers”. Lastly, participants must maintain a C average or 2.00 GPA to remain in the club.


Humbly Submitted,


Robert L. Davis

Youth Director, Ohio Bass Federation


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